AutoFill Technologies

AutoFill is a deep tech meets hard tech company revolutionising object inspections with an initial focus on the automotive and rail industries.

Led by experienced founders and a world-class engineering team, AutoFill is backed by leading investors from Innovation Industries, Deeptech Labs (a highly coveted accelerator initiated by ARM and The University of Cambridge amongst others), Rick Belluzzo, former COO of Microsoft, and Bram Schot, former CEO of Audi.

Currently, the vast majority of object inspections in these sectors are performed by humans. Existing automated solutions, meanwhile, are costly and require substantial space and infrastructure to function. AutoFill, born out of research, has pioneered a solution combining vision technology with multisensor data fusion to identify anomalies and increase the accuracy of quality standards.

Designed to be as agile as possible, AutoFill’s solution can be incorporated seamlessly into existing operational processes, ensuring further efficiencies, objective reporting, increased safety and cost savings. All of this modernises, optimises and enhances quality control at scale.

Headquartered in Wassenaar, AutoFill recently opened a second office in the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, considered to be the largest centre for technology innovation in Europe.

Investment since
August 24, 2021
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