Luxexcel developed a turn key 3D print solution for ophthalmic laboratories. This technology solution will offer a revolutionary new approach to lens manufacturing and opens up new opportunities to differentiate and create unique custom ophthalmic products.


Luxexcel offers 3D-Printing Platforms to Ophthalmic Labs. The company started in 2009 and has fully optimized its 3D print technology for the ophthalmic market. Luxexcel’s 3D-Printing Platform enables Ophthalmic Labs to 3D-Print lenses directly without the traditional Grinding and Polishing process steps:

1. for existing specialty market segments at significantly lower cost;
2. for new market segments with unique 3D-Printing based features, like smart-glasses and photo/video lenses.

Why Luxexcel?

The investment from Innovation Industries will be used for rapid expansion of the Luxexcel platform-functionality through dedicated (co-)development programs and partnerships in the domain of Augmented & Virtual Reality also known as AR/VR. AR/VR applications include smart glasses that provide the user with real time information for professional and personal use, gaming applications including control consoles for drones (fpv), sensors and cameras integrated in eyewear.

“AR/VR applications have become a hot topic in the industry. We add the ability to 3D-print ophthalmic-quality prescription lenses to these applications. This enables the AR/VR headset manufacturers to offer fully personalized smart eyewear in an attractive frame design. The ability of our platform to 3D-print ophthalmic lenses in any shape or form and the possibility to embed new functionalities in the lens triggers entirely new dimensions in terms of user-experience and business opportunity.”

“We believe that with the technology of Luxexcel it will be possible to combine AR/VR applications with RX eye correction, which is an essential component in bringing smart eye wear to the mainstream market. We are excited about leveraging the high tech network in the Netherlands to enable this unique breakthrough.”

Luxexcel Vision Platform

The Luxexcel Vision platform offers opportunities for both ophthalmic labs and AR/VR headset manufacturers. Ophthalmic labs use the Luxexcel VisionPlatform to 3D print custom AR/VR lenses. The Luxexcel Vision Platform is fully integrated in today’s ophthalmic lab flow. This opens up a new industry lens segment for ophthalmic labs.AR/VR headset manufacturers have the opportunity to commercialize AR/VR headsets with personalized prescription lenses included. By making use of the Luxexcel Vision Platform lens customization becomes accessible to AR/VR headset manufacturers.The Luxexcel platform consists of industrial grade optical 3D-printer, lens-design software, ophthalmic quality print materials and workflow integration tools which enables customers to manufacture 3D printed ophthalmic quality lenses that meet all industry standards.
Investment since
September 28, 2017
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