Founded in 2014 as an indirect spin-off of Philips, Morphotonics develops and sells roll-to-plate (R2P) OEM production technology for imprinting nano- or microstructures on large area substrates. Their technology and machines can imprint nanostructures on plates, benefitting 3D-displays, solar panels and led lighting panels. For example, these nanostructures enable holographic or 3D imaging in smartphones or AR/VR displays and substantially increases the energy efficiency of solar panels.

Morphotonics has developed a unique roll-to-plate (R2P) nanoimprint technology, which is flexible and can be used for pilot- and mass production to enhance various optoelectronic devices. Existing technologies do not offer a solution for the issues you have to deal with when applying micro- and nanopatterns on large-area rigid surfaces at a cost needed to enter targeted markets. However, Morphotonics’ technology is uniquely cost-effective and due to the special properties of the flex stamps, it opens up a wide new range of product applications.

With its headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, Morphotonics cutting-edge nano production technology has already been adopted by leading customers in Europe, United States and Asia. The investment will be used to set up serial production of equipment, accelerate market roll-out and further develop materials like flexible stamps and resists to stay ahead.

Investment since
May 24, 2019
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