Tempress is located in the Vaassen, the Netherlands. Tempress’ 50 years heritage in developing and producing diffusion and coating processes is a testament to the company’s flexibility, innovation, quality, and dedication. As a result, Tempress has shipped more than 1000 diffusion and deposition furnace systems for semiconductor, photonics, MEMS and solar applications. Semiconductor experience is the foundation for Tempress’ technology and knowledge. In order to meet the market’s demand for more efficient and cost-effective applications, Tempress has developed strategic relationships with leading research institutes, universities, industry partners and their customers.

Tempress’ rich history enables the company to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions supplemented with diffusion & deposition equipment and automation solutions to a large customer base. Tempress’ goal is to continue supporting their customers in the pursuit for better products and lowest Cost of Ownership.

Investment since
April 1, 2020
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