EFFECT Photonics secures additional funds to accelerate its growth

Eindhoven, August 21, 2020 – On Friday 7 August, EFFECT Photonics, a leading developer of high-performance dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical components based on its optical System-on-Chip technology, completed its Series-B funding with an additional 8 million Euro. The investment round, led by independent venture capital fund Innovation Industries, secured continued participation from btov partners, Innovatiefonds Brabant BV, Beek Capital and Optiverder BV, and attracted PhotonDelta as a new partner.

The superiority of EFFECT Photonics’ technologies in the key growth market of integrated photonics has been a major factor in attracting diverse investors who see the unique value of the company and its impact on the industry. According to the company, making photonics applications universally accessible, affordable, and sustainable calls for the development of long-lasting partnerships that promote the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Sophie De Maesschalck, CFO at EFFECT Photonics, comments: “This investment will not only support EFFECT Photonics by accelerating the sales and marketing effort, but will enable further improvement in time-to-market for our range of optical communication products, and in particular those developed for the 5G network.”

Nard Sintenie, a partner at Innovation Industries, says: “We continue to support EFFECT Photonics because we firmly believe in the strength of the technology in the short term, as well as its disruptive impact in the longer term, and we see an organisation that is capable of delivering on that promise.”

Ewit Roos, CEO of PhotonDelta, adds: “EFFECT Photonics has always been an important partner for PhotonDelta. They are a frontrunner in the development of complex integrated optical products in a high-volume market. Since their products are supported by many other companies within the integrated photonic scene, we believe that consistently supporting this partner’s growth ambitions will have a positive effect on the entire supply chain of integrated photonics in the Netherlands.”

SMART Photonics secures €35M new funding

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 30 June 2020 – SMART Photonics, the independent foundry for photonic integrated circuits, today announced a €35M Series C investment from a Dutch consortium led by Innovation Industries.

The company, founded in 2012, will use the funds to expand its capacity for wafer manufacturing at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, accelerate the development of its photonic integration technology and firmly establish the technology in the marketplace through its valued customers.

Lead investor Innovation Industries is one of Europe’s most active independent photonics investors and holds numerous investments across the photonics value chain. The funding includes a contribution from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of The Netherlands through the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), as well as participations from KPN Ventures, PhotonDelta and existing shareholders, thereby reaffirming the position of SMART Photonics as the central player in the European photonics ecosystem.

SMART Photonics’ ambition is to be the leading independent foundry for photonic integrated circuits, which provide small-scale integration and high performance combined with low energy consumption. Photonic integrated circuits will play a key role in our lives by enabling new and radically improved applications that make our world better, greener and safer. SMART Photonics’ integration technology allows its customers to design chips for a variety of next generation communication and highly accurate sensor applications in telecoms, healthcare, smart mobility and sustainable industrial processes.

Since its inception in 2012, SMART Photonics has attracted a truly global customer base, consisting of leading US, European and Asian customers as well as a range of scale-up companies that develop applications using integrated photonics.

“We are very excited to have the new consortium on board and to be able to bring our foundry to the next level thanks to this investment. This will allow us to scale up our volumes as we support our customers in bringing their first commercial products using photonic integration technology to the market” comments Chief Executive Officer, Johan Feenstra, adding: “I am very grateful for the tremendous support we received from our investors, PhotonDelta partners and our long term R&D partner the Eindhoven University of Technology in making it happen.”

Nard Sintenie, General Partner, Innovation Industries, comments: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to lead this investment in SMART Photonics, as the company is perfectly positioned as Europe’s leading independent foundry for integrated photonics through its flexible production process of photonic integrated circuits, proprietary process design kit and tremendous know-how. We are truly impressed by the quality of the team and believe that they will successfully lead the company through its next phase of growth.” He continues: “In order for Europe to maintain a leading position in the development of new technologies for the rapid-growing photonics industry, we believe it is essential to invest in infrastructure. We are confident that SMART will contribute to a strong and healthy photonics ecosystem that will drive cutting-edge technology development ensuring continued formation of exciting start- and scale-ups in this attractive industry.”

Miriam Dragstra, CCO of the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), which played an important role in the deal sourcing, emphasizes the strategic importance of the deal: “Recognized as one of Europe’s key enabling technologies, Photonics has the potential to drive economic growth and provide solutions to some of the most pressing societal and environmental challenges of our time. SMART Photonics allows Dutch technology companies to play a leading role in the development of this promising technology. Therefore, BOM is committed to supporting the financial and strategic development of this game changer.”

PhotonDelta CEO Ewit Roos explains: “SMART Photonics fulfils a key function within our growing European photonics ecosystem and are of utmost importance as the fabrication of photonic integrated circuits enables innovative products in many application domains. Thus, the growth of SMART Photonics has a profound impact as it leverages the scale of activity and innovation of the entire supply chain of integrated photonics in Europe. We are thrilled to participate in this round as the national growth accelerator for the Dutch integrated photonics industry.”

Samir Ahmad, Investment Director at KPN Ventures explains the strategic value for KPN: “In order to keep up with the immense amount of data generated at a very high speed by advancing technologies like IoT, AI, augmented reality and autonomous driving, there is a need for a new generation of photonic integrated circuits that can transport data faster, cost-effective and more sustainable (less energy consumption). Therefore, we see a unique, strategic opportunity for KPN to be closely involved in the development of photonic integration technology with SMART Photonics to continue to serve our customers in an optimal way.”

SMART Photonics PR contact
Geert Appeldoorn
Director Commercial Development
+31 611278256

Innovation Industries invests in PHIX Photonics Assembly

Enschede, April 15th 2020 – PHIX started its operations in July 2018 to serve the growing demand for photonic assembly activities. PHIX’s goal of becoming world leaders in this field has come one step closer with large new investments from Innovation Industries and existing investor Oost NL (through Innovatiefonds Twente). These investments catalyze PHIX’s growth and its ambitions to scale up its manufacturing volumes.

The photonics market is estimated to grow exponentially during the next 5 years. Photonic technologies find their way into many sectors, including health care, automotive, sensing, consumer electronics and many more. Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are a key enabling technology and facilitate further miniaturization, faster connections and cost reduction.

Before PICs can be incorporated into products, the chips need to be connected to other components, such as optical fibers, amplifiers and electronics with great accuracy. This photonics assembly activity is the core competence of PHIX. PHIX is the photonic equivalent of the outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies known from the electronics industry.

By acting as a back-end foundry service, the customers of PHIX do not need to invest in their own equipment and assembly processes. This enables a quick ramp up from prototype development to volume manufacturing. For others, partnering with PHIX will allow for outsourcing and second sourcing.

In order to serve customers from prototype to volume, PHIX also provides engineering support for product development. PHIX provides design guidelines that take future volume manufacturing requirements into account at an early stage of PIC and product design.

The investments from Innovation Industries and Oost NL will be used for the company’s aggressive growth ambitions and will help to accelerate PHIX’s plans to extend production capabilities.

PHIX CEO Albert Hasper comments: “With the investments by Innovation Industries and Oost NL, PHIX has a solid base to further expand the company. This will enable PHIX to provide customers with the best production technologies, now and in the future. Ramping to high volume production is an essential step for maturing the photonics industry”.

“PHIX will play an important role in mass adoption of applications with integrated photonics,” says Nard Sintenie, General Partner of Innovation Industries. “We look forward to helping PHIX sustain and grow their leadership position in the field of photonics assembly.”

Pieter Klinkert, senior investment manager Tech at Oost NL, adds: “We are happy to invest, with funds from Innovatiefonds Twente, in a company that has developed very well in the past two years in the ecosystem around Photonics, one of the “Key Enabling Technologies” dictated by the EU. Innovative companies like PHIX are of great importance to the region and underline the frontrunning position of companies around the University Twente in the area of Photonics. They attract talent and are an added value to the innovative ecosystem in Twente and beyond. We’re proud to contribute to their sustainable growth.”

About PHIX Photonics Assembly

Starting its operation in 2018, PHIX is a European based provider of automated photonics assembly services with its main facilities in Enschede, The Netherlands. We aim to become world leader in the supply of PIC based components and modules in scalable production volumes. We offer fiber arrays and assembly services for the four major technology platforms (InP, Si, LiN and SiN) and are specialized in hybrid integration of chip-to-chip and fiber-to-chip modules. PHIX provides a one-stop-shop from design to volume production of PIC modules.
For further information, please visit us at www.phix.com

Contact person: Gijs van Ouwerkerk
+31 6 14 89 23 98

Venture capital fund Innovation Industries closes €175 million fund. Rabo Corporate Investments participates as investor

Innovation Industries has successfully closed its fundraising for its second fund with the participation of Rabo Corporate Investments and several other investors, including the four Dutch technical universities and TNO. Apart from Rabo Corporate Investments, the fund’s leading investors are the pension funds PME and PMT. Innovation Industries currently holds a total of €250 million under management for investments in Dutch technology driven companies.

Since 2017, Innovation Industries has built a portfolio of 16 Dutch companies that are active in high-tech, med-tech and food & agri tech. In the coming years, the fund plans to add around 15 new companies to its portfolio. With investments of up to €25 million per company and in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of technology, high-tech industry and financing, the fund is able to accelerate companies from the start-up phase to profitability.

With the participation of Rabo Corporate Investments, Innovation Industrie brings in a professional investor with sector-specific knowledge and experience in the field of food & agri. This increases the abilities of Innovation Industries to help entrepreneurs in the food & agri sector with their international growth ambitions.

“As a team, we are very happy with Rabo Corporate Investments joining our fund. Just like Rabobank, we see a lot of potential in the Dutch high-tech sector and share the passion to help companies that are active in this sector to grow into international players in a sustainable way. We are not only working on a financial return for our investors, but also on a better high-tech ecosystem in the Netherlands,” says Harm de Vries, partner at Innovation Industries.

“By participating in Innovation Industries, we stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation in the Dutch high-tech sector. Our commitment to this fund fits well with Rabobank’s strategy to provide broader support for the start-up and scale-up ecosystem in the Netherlands. Rabobank is currently providing this support with its start-up and scale-up teams in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Delft and Enschede. The prominent presence of Innovation Industries in Eindhoven also fits nicely with Rabobank’s ambition for Brainport Eindhoven. The venture capital fund’s experience with high -tech hardware investments is a good addition to Rabo Corporate Investments’ focus on food & agri,” said Francis Quint, Global Head of Rabo Corporate Investments.

Note for the press

About Innovation Industries

Innovation Industries is an independent venture capital investor that provides accelerator capital and strategic support to Dutch High Tech, MedTech and Agri&Food Tech businesses with innovative proprietary scientific and engineering technology, solving real-world problems in identifiable markets. Innovation Industries uses a market-driven approach to create long-term value in high technology start-up and scale-up companies.

For further information about Innovation Industries’ portfolio please visit:

About Rabo Corporate Investments

Rabo Corporate Investments, the investment vbranche of Rabobank, has invested over € 1.4 billion in food & argi tech world wide. These investments vary from growth captial for start-ups and scale-ups to (co-)investments in larger companies and funds.

For more information please visit:

ARION producer ATO-GEAR completes investment round led by Innovation Industries to accelerate commercial rollout

ATO-GEAR has developed ARION, ultra-thin pressure sensitive insoles and motion tracking pods which drive unique biomechanical models and algorithms that analyze the performance of runners and running shoes. ARION’s AI, incorporated in the product’s software, is able to provide coaching guidance and real-time feedback assisting runners to adjust their running technique to help reduce injury risk and improve performance. In stores or at events, ARION can help customers to select running shoes based on their personal running profile. Furthermore, ATO-GEAR’s data is used to build software and provide services to shoe manufacturers and other industry partners to facilitate and support brand engagement, product development and serve new and innovative markets.

ATO-GEAR has been steadily executing its ambition to become the most comprehensive platform offering expert insights into human body movement. The recent investment will be used to scale up the organization to enable an accelerated commercial rollout. In parallel, ATO-GEAR’s biomechanical models and algorithms will be improved and expanded to broaden their potential in new application areas.

“Innovation Industries is a fund that understands and embraces technology and IP-driven companies, we are delighted to have them on board as they share our vision of the development of our platform” says Andrew Statham, CEO of ATO-GEAR. “With the support of Innovation Industries, we are able to accelerate growth and make cutting-edge exercise sciences accessible to many more sports enthusiasts around the world.”

Nard Sintenie, General Partner at Innovation Industries comments: “We are excited about our investment in ATO-GEAR, who is at the forefront of the analysis of the performance of runners and running shoes. We look forward to working with the management team on scaling up commercially and developing new applications.”

Smart Robotics completes investment round with Innovation Industries and Mirai Creation Fund II to accelerate product roll-out

Smart Robotics’ AI-based software platform enables the rapid deployment of cobots in markets such as e-Commerce, Pharma and FMCG. Through Smart Robotics’ software platform, a cobot can be easily configured and programming is no longer required. As a result, a cobot can be set-up in a matter of minutes and can be easily reconfigured in the field if required. The investment will be used to accelerate the roll-out of Smart Robotics’ palletizing and item picking applications as well as for the development of new software applications.

“We are excited to have Innovation Industries and Mirai on board as investors. Both parties bring valuable experience in scaling up a high-tech company to the table,” says Mark Menting, Founder and Managing Director of Smart Robotics. “This investment enables Smart Robotics to maintain its leadership position in cobot software.”

Nard Sintenie, General Partner at Innovation Industries adds: “Smart Robotics is at the forefront of robotics, a field that is developing rapidly. We are pleased with the addition of Smart Robotics to our portfolio and look forward to helping the organization further strengthen its position and accelerate its commercial roll-out.”

Masatoshi Fukami, Representative Director, Executive Deputy President of SPARX Group as General Partner of the Mirai Creation Fund comments: “We are delighted to be part of Smart Robotics, who is at the forefront of technology with its cobot software platform. We look forward to working together with the management team on scaling up commercially.”


About Smart Robotics
Smart Robotics has developed a robot-independent AI-based software platform that enables the rapid deployment of smart, innovative, safe, user-friendly and flexible robot solutions for packaging and logistics applications in E-commerce, Parcel, Pharma and FMCG. Thereby, the organization leverages the trend that hardware is commoditizing and competitive advantage is reached through advanced software. Smart Robotics integrates its intelligent software with cobot systems, making the cobots easy to deploy and configure, reliable, flexible in use and easy to operate by untrained operators. In addition, Smart Robotics partners with distributors to scale sales and delivery globally. For detailed information please visit: www.smart-robotics.nl

For further information, please contact:
Laura Schilperoort
+31 40 744 04 48

Morphotonics completes its investment round with Innovation Industries to accelerate its product roll-out

Morphotonics serves its customers with imprint technology for mass production of nano- or micropatterns at low cost and extreme optical precision. These advancements enable new features in displays like haptics, 3D, augmented reality or holographic imaging. In solar, the energy yield is drastically improved by light trapping. Morphotonics’ cutting-edge nano production technology has been adopted by leading customers in Europe, United States and Asia. The investment will be used to set up serial production of equipment and accelerate market roll-out. In addition, materials like flexible stamps and resists will be further developed to stay ahead.

“We are delighted with the investment by Innovation Industries. In addition to financing, they offer a lot of experience in growing high-tech companies like Morphotonics through the different stages of scaling up”, commented Onno Lint, CEO at Morphotonics. “Morphotonics has entered an exciting phase in which we can strongly accelerate our growth and the scaling of our business.”

“Morphotonics’ nanoimprint roll-to-plate technology is at the forefront”, says Nard Sintenie, General Partner at Innovation Industries. “Its technology will play an important role in mass adoption of nanoimprint structures within displays and solar panels. The company will use our investment to sustain and grow their leadership position in the field of nanoimprinting.”


About Morphotonics
Morphotonics develops and sells roll-to-plate production technology for imprinting nano- or microstructures on large area substrates. Its technology and machines have unique features that remarkably improve its customers products in the display, lighting and solar industries. For detailed information please visit: www.morphotonics.com

For further information, please contact:
Onno Lint
+31 6 30 06 49 16




SALDtech receives further funding to enable mass production of the next generation foldable OLED displays

Eindhoven, 22 May 2019 – SALDtech announced today that it has closed a second investment round with Innovation Industries, a leading high-tech VC fund and BOM, Brabant Development agency. TNO, through its subsidiary Holst Centre, has invested over 10 years in developing a new technology called Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition to produce large area ultra-thin layers with world class performance. SALDtech, a spin-off of TNO, will use the investment to develop and build production equipment to be integrated into the production lines of next generation flexible OLED displays for mobile phones, tablets, TVs and more.

“We are very pleased with this investment as it enables us to further develop our product and speed up our sales” Huib Heezen, CEO of SALDtech states: “SALDtech will continue to cooperate closely with TNO on process innovation and will use the expertise on high tech equipment as readily available in the Eindhoven area for our product development. We are delighted to now have two top Dutch investors in the form of Innovation Industries and BOM on board who are committed for the long term.”

“We are excited that we have been a part of SALDtech since its first round last year and that we can continue to support SALDtech’s growth by participating also in this financing round”, says Nard Sintenie, Partner at Innovation Industries. “SALDtech’s technology has the ability to change the way we are working and interacting with displays and thereby addresses a huge market.”

“SALDtech has the potential to become the leading supplier in the display market” according Jurgen Van Eck, Senior investment manager at BOM Brabant Ventures“ As such, the company will play an important role towards local suppliers. We are happy we are able to contribute towards the further development of SALDtech”

Founding institute TNO is delighted with the opportunity this second financing round offers to SALDtech. “Both Innovation Industries and BOM have multiple investments in TNO spin-offs, which shows the potential of the research we are doing at Holst Centre and TNO for the Dutch high tech industry. This investment is the next step in strengthening the Dutch economic position and Brainport in particular.” says Jaap Lombaers, Director at TNO.

PME en PMT investeren 150 miljoen euro in technologiefonds Innovation Industries

Innovation Industries Fund II is het tweede investeringsfonds van Innovation Industries en heeft een doelkapitaal van 250 miljoen euro. Dat PME en PMT beiden 75 miljoen euro investeren in het technologiefonds toont aan dat de pensioenfondsen actief willen bijdragen aan Nederlandse hoogtechnologische ontwikkelingen. MN was als uitvoerder betrokken bij de inrichting van Innovation Industries II om er een toekomstbestendig fonds van te maken dat voldoet aan de eisen van de twee metaalfondsen.

Nederlandse kenniscentra
PME investeerde in 2017 al 25 miljoen in Innovation Industries Fund I. Dat fonds kende een doelkapitaal van 75 miljoen euro en was bij aanvang direct overtekend. In de portfolio van Fund I zitten 13 veelbelovende Nederlandse ondernemingen die voortkomen uit Nederlandse kenniscentra. ‘We trekken samen op met de vier technische universiteiten en TNO bij het doen van investeringen in vroege-fase-bedrijven’, aldus Harm de Vries, partner bij Innovation Industries. ‘Op die manier zorgen we ervoor dat wetenschappelijk onderzoek niet blijft hangen in laboratoria, maar impact maakt in de maatschappij. Daarnaast investeren we in de wat verder ontwikkelde bedrijven, zogenaamde ‘scale-ups’ die geld zoeken voor internationale groei.’

Hoogwaardige kennis
Innovation Industries wil hoogwaardige kennis versneld omzetten in succesvolle (internationale) bedrijven en reeds bestaande hightech bedrijven (zogenaamde scale-ups) ondersteunen bij hun groei. Dat alles met als doel om rendement te genereren voor haar investeerders. Daarnaast wil Innovation Industries hoogwaardige banen creëren en het Nederlandse high-tech ecosysteem verbeteren.

Zowel PME als PMT is enthousiast over de investering in Innovation Industries II. Marcel Andringa, uitvoerend bestuurder PME: ‘Nederland heeft unieke technologische kennis in huis, dat zien we bij heel veel bedrijven die bij ons zijn aangesloten. Beleggen in veelbelovende technologieën betekent beleggen in onze eigen industrie. Met het fonds kunnen we impact hebben op ontwikkelingen in innovatie én de het creëren van werkgelegenheid. Hartwig Liersch, Chief Investment Officer PMT sluit zich daarbij aan: ‘We zijn gebaat bij behoud en groei van de Nederlandse industrie. Innovatie is daarbij cruciaal en het is mooi dat wij daar op deze manier aan kunnen bijdragen.’


Voor de pers:

Over Innovation Industries
Innovation Industries is een technologiefonds dat investeert veelbelovende hightech, agri-foodtech en med-tech bedrijven in Nederland. Het doel van het fonds is om hoogwaardige kennis aanwezig op de technische universiteiten en TNO versneld om te zetten in succesvolle (internationale) bedrijven en om reeds bestaande hightechbedrijven (zogenaamde scale-ups) te ondersteunen bij hun groei. Voorbeelden van investeringen zijn Luxexcel (3D printen van lenzen); Nearfield Instruments (Atomic Force Microscopy); Microsure (chirurgische robot); EFFECT Photonics (optische transceivers) en IAMFluidics (in-air microfluidics). Innovation Industries heeft kantoren in Amsterdam en Eindhoven. Meer informatie: www.innovationindustries.com.

Harm de Vries
Partner Innovation Industries
06 53 21 63 39

Over PME
Het Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro (PME) beheert de pensioenrechten van circa 620.000 deelnemers. De sector omvat 1.370 grote en middelgrote ondernemingen, van scheepswerven tot producenten van halfgeleiders. Het vermogen bedraagt ruim € 47 miljard. PME is in omvang het vijfde fonds in Nederland.

Ellen van Amersfoort
Woordvoerster PME
06 50 20 67 60

Over PMT
Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek (PMT) is het grootste marktpensioenfonds van Nederland. Het fonds werkt voor ongeveer 34.000 ondernemingen, waarin bijna 395.000 werknemers op dit moment een pensioen opbouwen. Tel daarbij op de deelnemers die niet langer een pensioen bij het fonds opbouwen, maar dat voorheen wel deden (rond 674.000) en de personen die al een uitkering ontvangen (219.000) en het totaal aantal deelnemers is meer dan één miljoen.

Ria van der Steen
Woordvoerster PMT
06 18 30 65 17