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Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology is the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university, located in Delft. It was founded in January 1842 by William II of the Netherlands. The school rapidly expanded, becoming first a Polytechnic School in 1864, Institute of Technology in 1905, and finally changing its name to Delft University of Technology in 1986. The university now offers education to more than 23,000 students.

Delft University of Technology considers its mission in society to deliver scientific solutions that have a significant impact in helping achieve sustainability and a healthy economy. Commercialization of technology has become a key activity of the university, which the university supports by providing entrepreneurial education and by facilitating the start-up of new businesses. The eco-system around the Delft University of Technology, including the YES!Delft incubator, also play an important role by supporting these activities.