Our commitment

We identify and manage environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related risks and opportunities throughout our investment process, to preserve value and strengthen value potential. We believe that we have an obligation to society to do so, but also that investing responsibly is part of our fiduciary duty. ESG integration helps us to reduce risks and increase business efficiency and effectiveness. Also, analysis of ESG issues can uncover new and innovative opportunities for value creation.

We employ a long-term investment horizon as an essential element of our investment strategy. This allows us to invest in emerging technologies that hold much promise for the future but require a longstanding commitment. Also, it allows us to build a relationship with companies and help them professionalize their approach to ESG-related issues through regular and in-depth engagement.

Our approach to responsible investment is applicable to our entire portfolio. This means that all portfolio companies are managed through a flexible but standard process and that our standards for ESG management and the expectations we hold apply equally to all companies.