IamFluidics raises multi-million euro investment

IamFluidics raises multi-million euro investment to commercialize the world’s fastest production of superior & sustainable monodisperse microparticles

Enschede, 16 September 2022. Today, IamFluidics announces the closing of a €4 million financing round. The financing is provided by entrepreneur Joost van Neck and existing investor Innovation Industries. The money will be used to establish a new head office, build a production facility, expand the team, and expedite the market introduction of its first products.

Once invented for the encapsulation of stem cells at jet speed, the IamFluidics technology is a unique and proprietary microencapsulation technology that is up to 1,000x faster than its alternatives, while maintaining consistent control over shape and size. The uniform particles can be formed by different materials that are natural, vegan, biodegradable and plastic-free and can be loaded with active ingredients to address several large end-markets. These end-markets include food & nutrition, home & personal care, specialty chemicals, biotechnology (including tissue - & cell engineering) and pharmaceuticals. The company is collaborating with top tier companies in these areas and IamFluidics can play a leading role in the reduction of microplastics and the upcoming revolution in biotechnology.

Michiel van Alst, CEO of IamFluidics, commented, “We are thrilled with this new injection of capital and adding D.H.B. GreenConcepts B.V. to our core investor group. Their knowledge and expertise in scaling companies in high added value products are of great value in how to grow a company successfully. Furthermore, we are very happy that Innovation Industries also shows their belief in our team to back the investment of D.H.B. GreenConcepts B.V., supporting the next phase of our company.” Tom Kamperman, CTO and co-founder of IamFluidics, adds, “Being able to produce for actual customers makes science not just something for academia; we apply science to disrupt microparticle production, and along with it, we will produce sustainable, scalable, and superb microparticles!”

Joost van Neck, owner of D.H.B.GreenConcepts B.V., comments, “We met IamFluidics during technical discussions for a potential collaboration with one of our previous companies. We saw an ambitious team with strong technology that can enable various upcoming markets and decided to invest in IamFluidics to accelerate its growth to support the scaling of the technology for high-quality production of microparticles towards a market entry.”

Harm de Vries, Partner at Innovation Industries, added, “We are pleased to reinvest and have D.H.B. GreenConcepts B.V. onboard as an investor in IamFluidics. To date, IamFluidics has been realizing its growth ambitions and is consistently meeting its targets. We see even more potential for its technology moving forward and believe in the team and the technology, to capitalize on those future opportunities.”

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