Smart Robotics completes investment round with Innovation Industries and Mirai Creation Fund II to accelerate product roll-out

Smart Robotics has announced today that it has secured a substantial investment in a round led by Dutch high-tech venture capital fund Innovation Industries and Mirai Creation

Smart Robotics’ AI-based software platform enables the rapid deployment of cobots in markets such as e-Commerce, Pharma and FMCG. Through Smart Robotics’ software platform, a cobot can be easily configured and programming is no longer required. As a result, a cobot can be set-up in a matter of minutes and can be easily reconfigured in the field if required. The investment will be used to accelerate the roll-out of Smart Robotics’ palletizing and item picking applications as well as for the development of new software applications.

“We are excited to have Innovation Industries and Mirai on board as investors. Both parties bring valuable experience in scaling up a high-tech company to the table,” says Mark Menting, Founder and Managing Director of Smart Robotics. “This investment enables Smart Robotics to maintain its leadership position in cobot software.”

Nard Sintenie, General Partner at Innovation Industries adds: “Smart Robotics is at the forefront of robotics, a field that is developing rapidly. We are pleased with the addition of Smart Robotics to our portfolio and look forward to helping the organization further strengthen its position and accelerate its commercial roll-out.”

Masatoshi Fukami, Representative Director, Executive Deputy President of SPARX Group as General Partner of the Mirai Creation Fund comments: “We are delighted to be part of Smart Robotics, who is at the forefront of technology with its cobot software platform. We look forward to working together with the management team on scaling up commercially.”

About Smart Robotics
Smart Robotics has developed a robot-independent AI-based software platform that enables the rapid deployment of smart, innovative, safe, user-friendly and flexible robot solutions for packaging and logistics applications in E-commerce, Parcel, Pharma and FMCG. Thereby, the organization leverages the trend that hardware is commoditizing and competitive advantage is reached through advanced software. Smart Robotics integrates its intelligent software with cobot systems, making the cobots easy to deploy and configure, reliable, flexible in use and easy to operate by untrained operators. In addition, Smart Robotics partners with distributors to scale sales and delivery globally. For detailed information please visit:

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